Right-Wing Media Site Questions AOC’s Latinidad Because She Was Called ‘Sandy’ in HS, and We’re Laughing at the Stupidity of It All

Jan 3, 2019
3:28 PM

Ok, it’s not like we’re avid readers of Gateway Pundit, but sometimes, you have to visit this right-wing site for the jokes disguised as “journalism.”

Case in point, the outlet’s latest “EXCLUSIVE” of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in high school.

Oh no, AOC was known as Sandy Ocasio!

We have a lot to say about how ridiculous this piece really is and what it was implying, but then we saw this tweet from Latino Rebels contributor Aaron Sanchez to brilliantly sum it up for all of us:

Aaaron’s tweet is 100% truth, and it was pretty clear others felt the same way:

Hey, Gateway Pundit, you guys clearly are stretching it, but it doesn’t surprise us at all, because we know, you guys are SUDDENLY OBSESSED with a strong Boricua woman who, quite frankly, couldn’t care less about your “reports.” But thanks for the laughs about your Latinidad ignorance.

Meanwhile, we will have our founder share the final word: