As a Result of Ocasio-Cortez’s Dance ‘Controversy,’ There’s Now a Twitter Profile Showing AOC Dancing to Every Song

Jan 4, 2019
7:28 AM

For all of you who hate social media, we have a reason for you to love it again.

In response to the bs  manufactured Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez dance “controversy” (yes, conservative operatives are desperate people), a new Twitter profile called AOC Dances To Every Song was created by leftistthot420. The result of this brilliant idea is purely awesome and amazing.

Here are just a few examples:

“Bidi Bidi Bom Bom”

“Kids in America”

“Let’s Go Crazy”

“Mambo No. 5”

“I Want You Back”

And our personal favorite, “Common People.”

Yes, Latino Rebels fans, life is good right now, so enjoy it. By now, we’re just assuming that you’re following @aoc_dances.

UPDATE: As for AOC’s response to the “controversy?” Here is what her Twitter profile posted on Friday afternoon.