And Meanwhile in Delaware, Some Dehumanizing Racism at ‘Parody’ Parade

Jan 6, 2019
9:02 AM

It also started with this January 1 Facebook post from Lilly Martinez:

Essentially, some participants of the the annual Hummers “parody” Parade in Middletown, Delaware, decide to portray migrant children in cages, as well as other insanely ridiculously stereotypical crap.

A Facebook Live video posted by Delaware Online shows more (see around 13 minutes in)


Now, as local media tells you, the Hummers Parade has been a “tradition” since 1971, but still, this one took it too far.

As expected, Martinez’s initial post got shared, so much so that the Delaware State Senate Democratic Caucus issued a statement on Facebook:

“Traditions like the Hummers Parade have pushed the envelope for years in the name of satire and comic relief, but we share some MOT residents’ concerns that a number of displays at this year’s parade crossed a line from tongue-in-cheek irreverence to poor taste. It is fine —even healthy— to poke fun at politicians, ideologies, and celebrities, but satire is best when it is aimed at the prominent and powerful; jokes about children in cages and the humanitarian crisis at the border are simply ‘punching down.’ The tenor of these displays is divisive, mean-spirited, and entirely counter to our state’s values. We’re hopeful that parade organizers will listen to local residents’ concerns and take them to heart in the future.”

And, as expected, the parade’s organizers are sticking to the “tradition” of the parade.

This is what Jack Schreppler, described as the parade’s “disorganizer,” told Delaware Online on Thursday: “I lead the parade but I have neither the ability nor the desire to regulate its content. I have no further comment.”

Martinez’s Facebook post from January 1 includes updates, including these two:

“I want to thank everyone who has reached out by message and on local pages encouraging and defending me for exposing this and getting tons of backlash by way of insults and ridicule on local community pages. Just to clarify, these pics are a small compilation I made of those being proudly shared by attendees. I do not want any credit for them or limelight other than sharing this information. You have my permission to share my post and all info in it. Thanks!”

“As a Delaware resident in the area for many years, I have to say this disgusting tasteless display with racist overtones, poking fun at human tragedy, in NO way reflect the majority of great people all over the State, and the Middletown area. I’ve had the pleasure to interact and work with many excellent human beings of all backgrounds. May the good prevail and be the majority always. Blessings to all! I will not be posting or responding further to those who are choosing to attack me. Your freedom of speech ends where mine starts and I will NOT be intimidated or silenced about this. The post stays to make people aware this is unacceptable behavior. The media and several agencies are now aware and I leave it in their hands.”

Martinez also noted on Facebook that she is being threatened for posting the photos.

Even though the parade was not organized by the town of Middleton, there are calls for residents to attend the town’s council meeting Monday evening to speak out.

Outlets like Fox News have also posted about the parade.

Oh, boy.