Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade Cranks Up Fear of Central American Immigrant Kids

Jan 8, 2019
10:35 AM

Oh, “Fox & Friends”. Just when you think you might actually challenge Trump administration immigration lies like your colleague Chris Wallace did, you go back to the classic “Fear of the Brown Central American Immigrant” narrative.

Case in point: See the following from Media Matters on Tuesday, who wanted to make sure that people actually saw what Brian Kilmeade said on air:

Here is what he said:

“The question is not only of the drugs that are coming through, not only the potential gang members making their way through, there is danger. There’s also families and humanitarian aid that’s needed at the border, and then with the catch-and-release and courts saying we’ve got to release these people and these kids within 20 days, they go into our school system. And our school system, the last time there was unaccompanied minors, they flooded into Long Island, and I want to tell you, I can’t tell you how many teachers said their classroom size doubled and a lot of them don’t speak any English. And suddenly, they’re trying to teach kids with other kids who are paying taxes, whose parents are paying taxes, the same subjects, and the other kids don’t speak English. So, in comes more teachers, in comes more tax dollars to fund those more teachers, more classrooms—temporary classrooms. And they had no say in what was happening. These people are now being stacked up, at the border in make-shift shelters.”

And they you wonder why we don’t see actual compassion for Central American children, especially those who died in Customs and Border Protection custody? Because in Kilmeade’s world, every Central American child is a gang member and a drug dealer.