These Teen Girls Are Sharing Their Guatemalan Culture Through Photos

Jan 12, 2019
9:56 AM

We are big fans of Las Fotos Project, an LA-based organization that inspires teenage girls through photography, mentorship, and self-expression. Recently, Las Fotos held its “Maya Womxn in LA” exhibit, for ssix young Guatemalan women who connected with their heritage through photos. The project empowers young Guatemalan and Maya women to document their own stories and the stories of their communities.

“No one should be ashamed of who they are, what they wear, how they speak,” said Jessica, one of the photographers. “Why should I be ashamed of being Guatemalan?”

“There’s so much pride in being represented as a Mayan woman,” said Mayán another teen photographer.

The following video features more of their work and words. Thanks to our video partners at Living on One for the story.