In the Push to Raise More Awareness About Violence in Puerto Rico, Will Rosselló Only Talk With Men?

Jan 12, 2019
10:48 AM

By now, if you are a fan of Bad Bunny and/or Residente, you would know that the two Puerto Rican artists paid a Thursday night visit to La Fortaleza, the residence of governor Ricardo Rosselló, to talk about the ongoing problem of violence on the island, a problem that has been years in the making for all who have followed Puerto Rico. (That’s another issue, CBS News.)

That late-night visit did lead to Rosselló talking to Bad Bunny and Residente:

Which had us thinking: where was the governor last year when a feminist organization was protesting the governor for femicides on the island? Remember that?

It was a point that didn’t escape Rosa Clemente as well, who posted the following thread on Twitter:

Rosa has a point.

Time to talk more about it.