After The Dark: The Movement to Light Up Puerto Rico With the Sun (VIDEO)

Feb 11, 2019
9:19 AM

From Google Earth:

“When Hurricane María hit the town of Adjuntas, only the community center Casa Pueblo was able to retain power thanks to its reliance on solar energy. Now, with a new hurricane season approaching, the island is embracing the need for solar power more so than ever before. Discover how Google’s Project Sunroof is using aerial mapping technology to calculate the solar potential of rooftops and help aid in disaster relief efforts.”

In a post about the project, Google wrote:

:After the disaster, the government of Puerto Rico committed to ambitious plans to transform its hurricane-battered electric grid to rely entirely on renewable energy by 2050. Project Sunroof maps the solar potential for buildings, in an effort to support the world’s transition to a renewable energy future. After the hurricane, we worked quickly to integrate Project Sunroof data covering Puerto Rico with Sunrun, a residential solar, storage and energy services company. Sunrun streamlined designs and installations across local installers to offer solar-as-a-service and home battery solutions to households, local fire stations and small businesses in Puerto Rico. For example, Maximo Solar, one of the leading solar installers on the west side of the island, used Project Sunroof data to support over 100 installations.”