New Poll: 57% of Venezuelas Say Maduro Is Country’s Legitimate President

Feb 11, 2019
12:05 PM

A new Hinterlaces poll said that 57 percent of the country says that Nicolás Maduro is Venezuela’s legitimate president, Globovision reported on Sunday.

The poll, Globovision said, was conducted between January 21 and February 2. It consisted of 1,580 direct interviews with households all over Venezuela. News of the poll was first reported by journalist José Vicente Rangel on Sunday.

Respondents were asked to answer the following question: Who do you think is the legitimate president of Venezuela? Maduro took 57 percent of responses, compared to Juan Guaidó’s 32 percent. Eleven percent said they didn’t know or they chose to not respond.

News of the poll was also published in other Venezuelan media outlets: