#Free21Savage: Color Of Change Statement and Update From Atlanta

Feb 12, 2019
5:26 PM

21 Savage performs onstage during Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest / EA SPORTS BOWL at State Farm Arena on January 31, 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Bud Light Super Bowl Music Fest / EA SPORTS BOWL)

The following media release about 21 Savage’s immigration case was shared on Tuesday afternoon by Color of Change:

ATLANTA — The #Free21Savage coalition was turned away today after ICE staff promised we could deliver petitions calling for She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph’s (also known as 21 Savage) release to Atlanta ICE Field Office Director Sean Gallagher. His office refused to accept the 450,000 signatures. Within an hour, a city waste management employee was seen retrieving the petitions from outside the ICE office.

In a positive development due in part to the escalating public pressure and outpouring of support for She’yaa, the immigration judge presiding over his case took the rare step of allowing him to leave detention on bond. He will be released tomorrow. However, the work to truly #Free21Savage is far from over. Following today’s events, Color Of Change released the following statement.

Clarise McCants, Campaign Director Criminal Justice at Color Of Change:

“We’re glad to see that our collective efforts resulted She’yaa Bin Abraham-Joseph being released on bond. However, we’re disappointed at the disdain with which ICE treated advocates for She’yaa’s release today in Atlanta. More than 450,000 people signed a petition directed at Atlanta ICE Field Office Director Sean Gallagher, but he refused to meet with us and hear our demands or accept these petitions.

She’yaa may be out of ICE custody on bond tomorrow, but our work is only beginning. We demand that ICE stop any efforts to deport She’yaa. Sadly, his case is just the latest example of how the Trump Administration’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement works with local law enforcement to target Black immigrants. The continued harassment of Black immigrants is a pervasive and under-reported trend. Like so many other immigrants of color targeted by ICE, She’yaa was ripped from his family and his home. We’re fighting for justice for She’yaa and every Black immigrant who is unjustly targeted by the Trump Administration’s deportation machine.”