Activist Creates Intimate Valentine’s Day Love Notes for Undocumented Community

Feb 14, 2019
12:57 PM

Activist and leading advocate for undocumented youth Angy Rivera has created love notes for Valentine’s Day for non-citizens. Rivera started sharing the notes on Instagram earlier this week, in hopes of creating a narrative around love that is inclusive of people with different types of immigration status.

“When you are a non-citizen in a relationship, especially undocumented, it can be difficult to give love when struggling with immigration issues,” Rivera told Latino Rebels, “Uncertain future. Racism. Removal proceedings and all of these things [contribute]. Making space for love can be revolutionary.”

The notes range from displays of love that combine activism and romance to NSFW notes for intimacy and those in “situationships.”


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show special someone(s) you care this Valentine’s ?? #immigrant #immigration

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“they can pass legislation/and build a wall/but i would still be here/to give you my all” one of the notes says. Another one reads, “ICE lies but the things i want to do to you are completely true.”

Rivera says the reception has been good.

“A lot of people have shared them and asked for more and felt represented in all the complexities of love,” she said. “I can be nice to see Valentine’s Day cards that are not the traditional ‘be mine.'”

Check out more of the notes over at Rivera’s Instagram.