A 7-Year-Old Boy Is Selling Hot Chocolate to Raise Money for Trump’s Border Wall

Feb 19, 2019
12:02 PM

So this in from CBS Austin. Seriously, this is a real story. According to the local outlet, “A 7-year-old boy is facing backlash after some neighbors in his northwest Austin community took offense to a hot chocolate stand he started to raise money for President Donald Trump’s proposed border wall.”

Watch the report below:

Wow. Just wow. (By the way, the boy has raised $1,400 in two days.)

Sorry, kid. This one is for you and your family:

And if you think we are being too harsh, talk to the parents. They are the ones who agreed for their 7-year-old to be part of the public discourse now. That’s on them, not on us.

As for CBS Austin? Here you go: