Apartment Complex in North Houston, TX Sends Letter Asking Resident to Speak ‘English Only’

Feb 20, 2019
2:17 PM

A resident living in a Salvation Army building in North Houston, TX said that management sent her a letter asking her to speak “English Only,” KPRC reports.

The letter said:

“The United States of America is an English speaking country and those who come to the United States or born  here should learn to speak the language. It is rude to sit in the lobby and speak Spanish when there is a resident sitting in the lobby as well who does not speak Spanish. The exclusion of the non-Spanish speaking person is unacceptable. As has happened several residents have asked what is being said as they feel offended and left out of the conversation. It is perfectly acceptable for non-Spanish speaking resident to ask what is being said and have the conversation translated. Most of our residents speak English, however the conversation in the lobby and Activity Room is primarily Spanish. This is grossly unfair to the 25% who do not speak Spanish and needs to change.”

The name of the apartment complex is William Booth Garden Apartments.

“I feel like my rights are just being, you know, violated,” the resident Katherine Hernandez told KPRC. “Not only that, but I’m deprived of speaking my native language.”

According to a June 2018 report from Texas Tribune, the Hispanic population is on pace to become the largest population group in the state by 2022.

FYI, the woman who posted the letter? She’s been fired.

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