Univision Says That Journalist Jorge Ramos and Crew ‘Arbitrarily Detained’ Inside Venezuela’s Miraflores Palace

Feb 25, 2019
8:40 PM

UPDATE, February 25, 2018, 8:45pmET: Coronell tweeted that Ramos and his crew are no longer detained. The tweet in Spanish said that Ramos and crew are heading to their hotel, although Coronell says that he has not spoken with them.

Coronell then tweeted the following a few minutes later. He confirmed that he has now spoken with Ramos. He added that Ramos and his crew were free to go, but Coronell also said that the equipment and the material from the interview that Maduro didn’t like were confiscated.

After sharing the news, Coronell posted a video from Univision about the news, a live broadcast with Ramos on the phone in Caracas.


Earlier on Monday evening, the Twitter profile of Daniel Coronell, President of News at Univision, shared the following in Spanish:

Coronell’s profile then tweeted this in English:

A few minutes later, the Twitter profile of Kimberly Breier, Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, shared this:

As of now, not much more has been reported. This is a developing story, although details are coming in: