iLe’s Newest Song ‘Temes’ Confronts Machismo Straight On

Mar 5, 2019
4:01 PM

The incredible iLe released yet another powerful single on Tuesday, taking on machismo straight on with “Temes.”

“¿Por qué me temes?” the Grammy winner asks. Why are so you afraid of me?

“The song ‘Temes’ has nothing to do with romance. Instead it is a defiant bolero that exposes one of patriarchy’s darkest blind spots: ‘machismo’ is more than an expression of power, it is a weak and horrifying reaction of fear,” iLe said about the song. “A strong bass and soothing guitar is followed by an organ solo, leading the way to a song that intends to dance one through the rough reality we are still living and hopefully transform it.”

“Temes” is iLe’s latest single since “Odio,” which dropped last August. Her second album will release this spring. Meanwhile, iLe will be performing at NYC’s Museo del Barrio on March 16 as part of the Carnegie Hall Citywide series.

Life without new iLe songs is like life without oxygen. So here’s to more new iLe songs because they nourish us.

We cannot wait for more from this amazing artist.