San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz Officially Announces Campaign for Governor of Puerto Rico

Mar 22, 2019
3:26 PM

On Friday afternoon in Caguas, San Juan mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz officially announced her candidacy to seek the 2020 Popular Democratic Party (PPD) nomination for Governor of Puerto Rico. Her one-hour speech was streamed live on her public Facebook page.

After spending a large portion of her speech slamming the current administration of Governor Ricardo Rosselló, who is running for re-election in 2020, Yulín Cruz also called for a complete elimination of the Fiscal Control Board and a call for a new political transformation of politics in Puerto Rico.

The PPD nomination is not a lock for Yulín Cruz, as she is considered to be part of the PPD’s more progressive win. Several political observers are already noting that her bid will be intense, to say the least. In addition, her rise to national prominence post-Hurricane María caught the attention of many in the United States, making her one of the most high-profile Puerto Rican politicians in recent memory. However, she is not without her critics, especially among San Juan residents, and it would be very premature to say that she is a guaranteed winner to become Puerto Rico’s next governor.

Our founder, Julio Ricardo Varela, live-tweeted portions of the speech, and Latino Rebels plans to offer more analysis and coverage of what will certainly be (yet another) fascinating race in Puerto Rico.