The ‘Three Mexican Countries’ Graphic by Fox & Friends Actually Happened

Mar 31, 2019
10:37 AM

For those of you wondering, it all started with a Sunday morning tweet from @BadFoxGraphics:

The completely wrong graphic was referring to the news that President Trump wants to cut aid from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador in his obsessive quest to stop the “invasion.” That type of news is RED MEAT for Fox & Friends so why not create a fake news graphic that subconsciously (or consciously) tells people how it really feels?

FYI, later in the show, Fox & Friends “apologized.”

“Now we want to clarify and correct something that happened earlier in the show,” co-host Ed Henry said. “We had an inaccurate graphic onscreen while taking about this very story. We just want to be clear, the funding is being cut off to the three Central American countries. We apologize for the error. It never should’ve happened.”

But that didn’t stop the Sunday morning xenophobia.

As you can imagine, the Fox & Friends “error” is getting slammed, not only in our community, but kind of everywhere.

But we get it, Fox & Friends, everyone in the Global South is Mexican, right?

Hit it, Gollum.