Watch White House Spokesperson Hogan Gidley Lie So Many Times About Puerto Rico in Just Three Minutes

Apr 2, 2019
3:21 PM

In case you missed it earlier on Tuesday, MSNBC’s Hallie Jackson had White House spokesperson Hogan Gidley on her show. At one point, Jackson asked Gidley about President Trump’s latest (ridiculous) tweets about Puerto Rico and why it shouldn’t deserve disaster relief aid.

See how many lies you can spot?

In case you need a quick summary, here you go (from our founder):

But in case you need actual facts, we will share that the Governor of Puerto Rico shared about Trump’s tweets last night:

Although, let’s be real for a minute. Some of what Gidley said (like the obsession from some in media who called him out for calling Puerto Rico “a country”) is true, but it could have gone deeper:

This is all about colonialism, familia.