From Tamarindo Podcast: Chicano, Latina, Latinx… What’s in a Name?

Apr 4, 2019
4:28 PM
Originally published at Audioboom

Latino Rebels Radio is proud to cross-post the latest episode from Tamarindo Podcast!

Here is the episode’s description:

On this episode of Tamarindo, our very own wellbeing-enthusiast Ana Sheila kicks off our new segment on personal challenges or #retos that push us to take note of our habits, identify what’s harming vs. helping, and helps us live more intentionally.

Next, we delve into a discussion on #identity as we reflect on “I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter” the young adult novel by Erika L. Sanchez. Our chat is light on spoilers, so even if you haven’t read this story of a #FirstGen Mexican teen named Julia who is grappling with the recent death of her older sister Olga, you’ll connect with the themes we discuss. We reflect on labels like #Chicano, #Latina, #Latinx and other terms that we have connected to at different points in our lives. We know #MEChA has made the news recently and both of us talk a bit about our days as part of MEChA in high school and college. We can’t wait to hear your thought on this as well!

Finally, we give a big Tamarindo #matraca to the forces behind a growing national community of badass #Latinas who lift each other up, #LatinasWhoBrunch! Tamarindo is teaming up with #TeatroLuna to co-host Latinas Who Brunch LA on Saturday April 6. Learn more about the event on this episode and secure your ticket here!

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