Rosselló Talks Puerto Rico’s Disaster Funding on NPR

Apr 4, 2019
11:37 AM

Earlier on Thursday, Puerto Rico governor Ricardo Rosselló made an appearance on NPR to discuss the inaccurate comments from President Trump regarding Puerto Rico’s disaster funds. Rosselló told Rachel Martin that only $300 million has been spent on permanent disaster relief. Yes, he said $300 million, because he noted that $11 billion has been used for actual short-term emergency work. Trump claimed Puerto Rico has gotten $91 billion (not true). The Democratic governor also said that the island’s electrical grid is still pretty weak because there has been no permanent work on it.

Rosselló also said that allegations of corruption and mismanagement against his administration were not true, noting that the government of Puerto Rico has been very transparent about money spent.

When asked if he though if thought it Trump was an adversary or an ally, Rosselló said he wised that Trump were an ally, but the President’s recent comments concern him.

Here is the full interview.