Searching for Stories of Everyday Resistance in Migrant Farmwork

Apr 8, 2019
10:47 AM
Originally published at SoundCloud

March 31 was the birthday of César Chávez, who in the 1960s, along with Dolores Huerta, led a movement demanding higher wages, better conditions and more recognition for the dignity of farm workers. In a country that today employs more than 2 million farm workers, there are many stories of daily life and resistance in the U.S. food system. Reporter Chase DiBenedetto talked to Mario Sifuentez, who has spent his career collecting that history, starting with his home state of Oregon. Plus, we read an excerpt from a LAND story by Gabriela Barzallo about the “Ni Una Menos” movement in Ecuador.

Guests: Mario Sifuentez. Hosts: Cameron Oakes and Alanna Elder. Reporter: Chase DiBenedetto. Producer: Alanna Elder. LAND editor: Colleen Connolly.

This episode was recorded on April 5, 2019. Music: Our Only Lark by Blue Dot Sessions, Happy Hour by Lobo Loco, Isalaga by Yan Terrien, People of the Sun by Rage Against the Machine and a mix by Dax on the Trax.