Dominican Singer Andre Veloz Redefines Classiness in New Video ‘Fina’

Apr 11, 2019
11:16 AM

The bachata interpreter who took over Dominican Republic last year with “Eta Que Ta’ Aquí” just dropped a new single that is set to win over listeners, again. “Fina,” a bacherengue by Andre Veloz, with powerful yet fun lyrics asks listeners to reconsider what they’ve been told is “bougie.”

“I know my identity, rules are absurd and norms only have the importance you give them” sings Veloz, whose authentic songwriting offers a fresh take on a genre that tends to focus on romance.

“This song is a sign of my commitment to avoid love tunes. There is so much to write about and as a woman I feel very committed to my vision that a gal, any human, exists way beyond love or romance,” Veloz added in a press release.

The video for “Fina” is set in the neighborhood of Los Mina in Santo Domingo, and shows the artist modeling in a colmado, the gym, and a bar, donning bright clothes. Director Gabriel “Gabs” Lantigua filmed the video in his hometown, glamorizing spaces Dominicans frequent very often and as a result, celebrating everyday life. As an independent artist, Veloz has also had to stand up for herself in a male-dominated industry and genre, and she continues making strides for herself and others in the field. With “Fina” she will certainly continue leaving her mark.

Watch the video here:


Amanda Alcántara is the Digital Media Editor at Futuro Media. She tweets from @YoSoy_Amanda.