PREMIERE: Lyric Video for Making Movies’ Poignant ‘Cómo Perdonar’ With Rubén Blades and Flor de Toloache

Apr 24, 2019
1:22 PM

Earlier this month, Making Movies released the track “Cómo Perdonar,” featuring the iconic Rubén Blades and Flor de Toloache. “Cómo Perdonar” is a slow rock track that at times sounds like an urgent prayer, kicking off with an intention by Blades, where he says, “This song is for all of you who have suffered in the borders we’ve created in the world.” Today, Kansas City band is premiering a lyric video with compelling imagery that drives the point home.

“One night I couldn’t sleep just thinking about these separated families. The news cycle moves on, my life moves on, but these families remain stuck in the nightmare.  I wrote ‘Cómo Perdonar’ with that in mind. How do we forgive?” band vocalist Enrique Chi told Latino Rebels. “How do we forgive our leaders, how do we forgive ourselves, how do the parents of these children forgive themselves for making decisions that landed their children in cages or worse?”

He also explained what it was like working with Blades. “He grabbed a legal pad and spent about 90 seconds writing the introduction which in his own masterful way, elevates the meaning of the song from a specific narrative to a universal human theme,” Chi said.

Making Movies is becoming known for creating music that invokes social justice messages, and this is their second time working with Blades. In January they released “No Te Calles,” a call on listeners to speak up against injustice. With “Cómo Perdonar” (a single from their upcoming album ameri’kana),the band is becoming increasingly straightforward about their message.

“Humans are and have been suffering at borders we’ve created all over this planet. The song is dedicated to all of us,” said Chi.