Indigenous Peruvian Women Fight for Justice After Forced Sterilizations

May 6, 2019
11:41 AM
Originally published at Latin America News Dispatch

Peru’s former President Alberto Fujimori is facing a variety of criminal charges, including the forced sterilization of hundreds of thousands of women, most of whom were Indigenous and low-income. Since then, thousands of women have spoken out, saying they never gave consent. Alanna Elder talked to Lima journalist Natalia Sánchez Loayza and Nico Bedoya talked to U.S. journalists who covered the story for PBS Newshour about their fight for justice. Plus, reporter Joy McKinley talks about an island in the Caribbean that is still recovering from Hurricane Katrina as the next hurricane season approaches.

Guests: Natalia Sánchez Loayza, Jacquelyn Kovarik, Kathleen Taylor, James Fox and Joy McKinley. Hosts: Alanna Elder and Cameron Oakes. Reporter: Nico Bedoya. Producer: Alanna Elder. LAND editor: Colleen Connolly.

This episode was recorded on May 2, 2019. Music: Enigmatic by Ben Sound, Take Me to the Depths by Midnight North, Perception by Ben Sound and a mix by Dax on the Trax.