Vicente Fernández Says He Turned Down Liver Transplant Because He Was Afraid of Getting One From Gay Person

May 9, 2019
7:35 PM

We had a busy few days but we couldn’t pass up on what our friend @miblogestublog tweeted on Wednesday:

Excuse us, what?

And yes, it is true, as the following interview shows:

This is what Fernández said in Spanish about his liver cancer and why he didn’t want a transplant: “Me querían poner un hígado de otro cabrón y les dije: ‘yo no me voy a dormir con mi mujer con el hígado de otro guëy. Ni sé si era homosexual o drogadicto”.

Or in Spanglish: “They wanted to put another cabrón’s liver in me and I said: ‘I’m not going to sleep with my wife with the liver of another guëy. I don’t know if he’s a homosexual or a drug addict.”

Chente eventually got surgery in Chile through a robot, but still…

We don’t know what’s worse: Chente’s homophobia or homophobic responses about his homophobia?

At least this happened in response: