PARTY OF FIVE Reboot Will Focus on a Mixed-Status Family After the Pain of Deportation

May 16, 2019
12:58 PM

There’s a new Party of Five coming soon.

On Tuesday, Freeform premiered a trailer for its reboot of the 90s Fox drama that told the story of young siblings after their parents are killed in a car accident. Now, the narrative isn’t afraid to directly tackle a pressing political issue to have more social resonance: family separation.

In this new iteration, the Acosta children see their life crumble before them when ICE officials detain their parents to be deported back to Mexico. The young siblings are left to deal with the trauma of separation and the sadness, anger, and disorientation that comes along with it.

“You have to be strong, son. Be strong.” Those are the last words the father tells his eldest son (played by 13 Reasons Why‘s Brandon Larracuente), who now has to be the “adult” and try to keep the family together.

The road will definitely not be easy. The trailer perfectly captures the anxiety-inducing imagery of fences and courtrooms but it seems that the siblings are determined to fight.

“Mami and Papi managed with a lot less than what we had. They figured it out. So will we,” says one sibling, voicing hope.

Reaction on social media was swift and mostly positive:

For some, the show represents an issue happening nationwide in the Latinx community:

And some reacted the way a tear-jerking drama would make you react:

While others wish the series had its own title and not maintained the old one:

The series stars Larracuente, Emily Tosta, Niko Guardado and Elle Paris Legaspi.

The series premiere date for Party of Five is still to be announced.