UnidosUS Poll Finds Latinos Want a Presidential Candidate Who ‘Values Diversity and Brings People Together’

Jun 25, 2019
3:20 PM

On Tuesday, UnidosUS released a poll that poses the question “What do Latinos want to see in a presidential candidate?” ahead of the Democratic presidential debate set to be held in Florida this week. The poll, which was conducted by Latino Decisions, surveyed 1,854 Latino registered voters between June 1 and 14. The trait that Latino voters valued most in a candidate, according to the poll, was “values diversity and brings people together.” Speaking Spanish ranked last among characteristics that Latinos prioritize.

“Our community’s voters are sending a strong message: candidates matter, positions matter, and meaningful outreach is essential. Latino voters continue to show that they care about substance,” said Clarissa Martínez de Castro, the Deputy Vice President for Policy and Advocacy at UnidosUS, in a press release. “Historically, a substantial number of Latino voters have been potential swing voters not bound by party affiliation. But it is also clear that there is a shift away from the GOP, as the Republican party has come to be seen as embracing or leading the charge on anti-immigrant and anti-Latino rhetoric and actions,” she said.

Here are some preliminary findings from the poll:

The poll shows that Latinos are willing to vote for candidates based on issue positions. Thirty-seven percent of respondents said that they have voted for a Republican candidate in past elections, and 38 percent said they would consider voting for a Republican candidate who spoke out against President Trump’s harsh policies, treated Latinos with respect and worked to create more humane immigration laws. However, 66 percent of all Latino voters are frustrated with the way Trump and his allies have treated Latinos and immigrants, and only 16 percent of all Latino voters said they like the Republican party of today.

The entire survey can be viewed here: