Latina CBP Agent Goes Viral With Hashtag #IceBae and Yeah, It’s Not Okay

Jul 16, 2019
11:45 AM

A border patrol agent has gone viral after users began sharing her image with the hashtag #IceBae.

Initially, the comments on the image were already disturbing as some users were over-sexualizing the officer, with some saying they will like to be detained by her—effectively making a mockery of the conditions immigrants and asylum-seekers face while in detention.

Things got worse though when she created a Twitter account and took to social media to embrace the #IceBae label, to double down on the support, and to express pride in her job.

“I needed to make a video so y’all could believe that it’s me. It’s me, I’m a customs officer, based in Texas,” she said in a video that already has over 900 retweets.

From the comparisons with Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortes who’s been outspoken about the inhumane conditions migrants face at the border, to the officer’s social media response, the entire thing is disturbing and insulting. And the Latina CBP officer is also getting some backlash.

For those who may not be aware, Latinos make up more than 50 percent of CBP agents, according to a 2016 study. If we are all serious about the issues here, maybe THAT should be discussion: WHY do those in our own community work for CBP?