Puerto Rico’s Rosselló Won’t Run for a 2nd Term, Steps Down as Head of Pro-Statehood Party

Jul 21, 2019
6:51 PM

On Sunday afternoon, Puerto Rico governor went on his Facebook page to give a brief address where he said that he will not seek re-election in 2020 and that he has also resigned as the head of the pro-statehood New Progressive Party. The following transcript below is a translation prepared by Latino Rebels of what the embattled governor —who is still facing daily protests and the prospect of 1 million people demonstrating on Monday, calling for his resignation from office— said.


To my Puerto Rican brothers and sisters:

I address you today with the most profound respect towards democracy. A significant sector of the population has been demonstrating for days. I am aware of the dissatisfaction and anger that you feel. Your right of expression has always been protected by our Constitution. To each Puerto Rican (man and woman), I have listened to you and I am listening to you today. I have made mistakes and I have apologized for them. I am a good man who loves his island and everyone. Since I started my term to lead Puerto Rico’s destiny, in front of the most devastating economic and fiscal panorama ever, in front of a Fiscal Control Board, and from the effects of the United States’ most destructive hurricane, I have given it my all, in body, spirit, and understanding.

Along with my family, we have given everything we can do to complete this great undertaking. Today, I have the great responsibility of dedicating my efforts and those of my administration to continue finding alternatives and tools so that united and under the conscious of God, we stay capable of leading our island to greater excellence with a stronger co-existence in our society, as a family, and as citizens.

Despite all of this, I recognize that it is not sufficient to just apologize. It will only be the work I do that will restore the confidence of these sectors and achieve a real reconciliation. In this scenario, I am announcing that I will not seek re-election as governor in the next year. In addition, I am also resigning the presidency of the New Progressive Party.

Finally, I must be respectful to the Constitutional order and I welcome the process started by the legislative assembly, which I will confront with the whole truth, strength and in a responsible manner. The priority needs to be the people of Puerto Rico.

Therefore, all my time must be dedicated to fulfill the responsibilities, as governor, I took on. I set aside any personal interest in desisting from re-election to the governorship next year. At the same time, the executive branch will continue to work to ensure that all government operations continue to serve the citizens.

At the same time, the executive branch will continue to work to ensure that all government operations continue to provide services to the citizens and that multiple projects aimed at improving the quality of life of our families continue to be executed.

In the remaining months, it’s up to me to continue the work entrusted in me. And to deliver to my successor (man or woman), elected democratically, a government with positive economic indicators, focused on getting out of the economic and social crisis that we have felt for years.

The Puerto Rican people have demonstrated a respect for law and order, and values this over the chaos and misrule. We ask God to continue blessing every son and daughter of this island, that gives us health and strength  to offer the best for our country, and that achieve the best aspirations for our people. May God take care of you and bless you always.