From Street Dancing to Aerial Shots: Some Incredible Images and Videos From Today’s San Juan Protests So Far

Jul 22, 2019
4:34 PM

Hundreds of thousands (maybe more than 1 million?) Puerto Ricans took to the Expreso Las Américas in San Juan, demanding that Governor Ricardo Rosselló resign. Latino Rebels has a team on the ground of several reporters, including Natalia Rodríguez Medina, Rosa Clemente, and Robby Cortés, who are participating in the march and taking photos and videos for us. And they all say the same thing: they have never seen anything like this. The footage around social media confirms this.

Below are some impressive shots from today’s historic march, so far.

First, there’s the arrival, much earlier today.

Then, around noon, the historic nature of the march became real.

Shortly after noon, it started to rain, but this didn’t stop the crowd.

At one point, people started dancing.