Local Puerto Rican Media Reporting That Ricardo Rosselló Resignation Is Imminent

Jul 23, 2019
11:11 PM

Ricardo Rosselló on July 11. (Photo by Gabriel López Albarrán/Centro de Periodismo Investigativo)

In a dramatic shift to the biggest political crisis in the history of Puerto Rico, several media outlets on the island are reporting that governor Ricardo Rosselló’s resignation is imminent and could happen as soon as Wednesday.

Puerto Rico’s El Nuevo Día reported on Tuesday night that several sources have confirmed that the embattled governor will announce his resignation in the next couple of hours. Noticentro has also reported that the resignation will happen on Wednesday.

The ENDi noted that Rosselló has recorded a farewell message that will be broadcast before noon on Wednesday. The article noted that Secretary of Justice, Wanda Vázquez would be the new governor since the Secretary of State position is absent.

On Telemundo Puerto Rico on Tuesday night, host Jay Fonseca also reported around 10:50 pm ET that a source close to the situation said that Rosselló will resign tomorrow, but that other sources are denying this.

Other outlets have noted that a resignation could happen in the next 24 to 48 hours.

Latino Rebels founder also tweeted the following around 10:58 pm ET:

The following video from La Fortaleza in San Juan was a reaction to the ENDi story:

Negotiations about the transition of power and how it will all play out are continuing on Tuesday night and very likely into early Wednesday.

“Things are moving and negotiations are continuing, so other names as possible replacements are happening, so please note that this is a moving story and more will be happening. Safe to say, however, that we are in the final hours,” Varela tweeted later on Tuesday.

This is a developing story, so follow Latino Rebels on Wednesday for updates.

UPDATE, JULY 24, 1:45pm ET, via the Associated Press:

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) — More than 100 protesters gathered around the Puerto Rico governor’s mansion on Wednesday in a renewed push to oust Gov. Ricardo Rosselló, while his spokesman stressed that he has not resigned but said little else about whether he planned to stay in office or leave.

In response to local media reports that Rosselló was on the verge of leaving Puerto Rico, Public Affairs Secretary Anthony Maceira said the governor “has not resigned and remains in Puerto Rico. As he said yesterday, he’s in a process of reflecting, and listening to the people.”

Maceira said that some media had published “incorrect rumors” and that “whatever decision is taken will be officially communicated, as always.”

CNN has now reported that Rosselló is expected to resign on Wednesday afternoon: “Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rosselló is expected to resign Wednesday after more than a week of protests, according to a source familiar with the situation, but Rosselló’s own party says it’s prepared to begin impeachment proceedings if he committed any crimes.”