Parts of the Manifesto From the White Supremacist El Paso Terrorist Shows Anti-Mexican, Anti-Immigrant Radicalization

Aug 3, 2019
8:17 PM

Out heart aches for El Paso, Texas this Saturday. As of 8pm ET, 20 people have died and 26 people have been wounded by an act of domestic terrorism by a 21-year-old white male who allegedly posted the following manifesto about an hour the tragedy started. Three of the victims and six of those wounded were Mexican citizens, according to reports.

We are sharing this message because people need to read it and understand why this is an act of terrorism. For those who think we are spreading propaganda, we disagree. This text is a text of hate, and unless we begin to confront it head on, it will never go away. (We have blacked out those sections that talk about how to conduct an attack.) We must be made aware. We must know that this is what white supremacy and domestic terrorism look like.

This type of thought has been simmering online for years. We as a country have ignored it. We as a world don’t want to admit it is out there. But it is out there and unless we begin to unite against hate, we will never overcome it.