‘Ricardo Rosselló’s Administration Essentially Destroyed Any Credibility in Puerto Rico’ (VIDEO)

Aug 12, 2019
5:01 PM

On Monday morning, Latino Rebels founder Julio Ricardo Varela made an appearance on CBSN to talk about the latest political news out of Puerto Rico. The conversation focused on governor Wanda Vázquez’s decision to suspend a contract for the island’s utility company, but Varela also took the time to remind viewers that the fallout from former governor Ricardo Rosselló’s scandal is still real.

“We have to remember that Ricardo Rosselló’s administration essentially destroyed any credibility in Puerto Rico, both in Washington and with Puerto Ricans,” Varela said about why Vázquez focused on the suspension of the contract. “So I think for [Vázquez] to go after the contract and say, ‘there’s a new sheriff in town,’ I think it was low-hanging fruit. It was kind of an easy thing to do.”

“It’s easy,” Varela added later. “It’s easy to talk about trying to be accountable, trying to be transparent after you’ve had the most corrupt scandal in the history of modern Puerto Rican politics.”