Perspectives on Identity, Belonging and Culture

Aug 20, 2019
1:07 PM

Panelists Ashley “Venom” Solage, Raphael Espinal, Mirium Babe, Zahira Kelly and Valerie Summer Herrera Ramirez (on computer). (Photo by Redens Desroisiers/AfroLatino Festival)

This year, Latino Rebels Radio partnered up with the Afro-Latino Festival for the “AfrolatinTalks – Podcast Edition,” powered by Latino Rebels/Futuro Media Group. In this collaboration, we’re bringing you panel-style conversations that happened live during the festival right here on the Latino Rebels Radio podcast.

Today, we’re releasing the third and final podcast of the series, titled “Perspectives on Identity, Belonging and Culture.” You will hear from Artist and sociocultural critic Zahira Kelly, Trans activist Valerie Summer Herrera Ramirez, Ashley “Venom” Solage of III Points Festival, business owner Mirium Babel of Ode to Babel, and New York City Councilman Raphael Espinal.

The second and first panels are below:

Note: Segments have been edited and do not include Q and A portion of panels.