Study: Major Newspapers Uncritically Echo Trump Administration Anti-Immigrant Language

Sep 12, 2019
3:13 PM
Originally published at Define American

On Thursday, Define American made the following announcement:

“Since 2014, major U.S. newspapers have used dehumanizing labels to refer to immigrants at a steadily increasing rate, according to a new study by Define American and the MIT Center for Civic Media. This disturbing trend coincides with a vast increase in coverage of immigration-related issues. The study, ‘The Language of Immigration Reporting: Normalizing vs. Watchdogging in a Nativist Age,’ also found an increase in quotes from extremist anti-immigrant groups in trusted news outlets such as The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and USA Today. In a post-El Paso America, the words we choose have real consequences in people’s lives.”

The report is below:

You can also see more at Define American’s site.