Univision’s Post-Debate Poll of US Latino Voters Has Sanders Leading Biden by 2 Points, With Gains For Warren and Beto

Sep 18, 2019
5:04 PM

In a post-debate poll of U.S. Latino voters made public on Wednesday by Univision, Bernie Sanders currently leads Joe Biden by two points. Biden’s support dropped three points from 22% to 19%, compared to Sanders’ 21%, who saw a one-point increase after Thursday’s Houston debate.

According to the latest poll, which has a margin or error of +/- 4.8%, Beto O’Rourke saw a five-point increase (from 6% to 11%) with U.S. Latinos, while Elizabeth Warren’s support went from 11% pre-debate to 15% post-debate. Julián Castro went from 12% to 13% and Kamala Harris dropped four points, from 8% to 4%.

(Image via Univision)

Both Sanders and Biden saw decreases with U.S. Latinos during the June debate cycle, but the candidate who has seen the largest drop was Harris, whose support was at 23% in June.

In addition, the Latino voters polled thought Sanders was the best candidate to debate Donald Trump, with Castro coming in second.

(Image via Univision)

The full toplines to the poll are here: