SAG-AFTRA Calls on USHCC to Rescind ‘Business Man of the Year Award’ to SBS CEO Raúl Alarcón

Oct 4, 2019
6:01 PM

On Friday afternoon, SAG-AFTRA shared an open letter to the media, calling “on the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) to rescind its award to SBS CEO Raúl Alarcón for his ‘Business Man of the Year Award’ due to various egregious labor violations from the NLRB toward his Hispanic employees at SBS in stations across the country,” according to a SAG-AFTRA email sent to Latino Rebels.

“The open letter issued by SAG-AFTRA Executive Director David White provided below lists the numerous complaints filed against the company over the past three years during which time employees have been attempting to come to a fair agreement for its employment contract,” the email said.

A Variety story about the open letter noted that it reached out to SBS and the USHCC for comment, but did not get an immediate response.