Head of Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Junta Does Latinos for Trump Campaign Video, But Doesn’t Identify That He’s Board Chairman

Oct 9, 2019
11:14 AM

UPDATE: The Facebook video posted on Tuesday night by Latinos for Trump was not playing for some users by Wednesday afternoon but we posted the original video on our YouTube for news-gathering purposes.

Here is yet another example of Puerto Rico as Macondo.

In a video posted Tuesday night by Latinos for Trump, José B. Carrión III, chairman of the Financial Oversight and Management Board for Puerto Rico, made a campaign video for Donald Trump and didn’t even identify himself as the head of the board that essentially controls Puerto Rico’s finances.

Carrión identified himself as an “entrepreneur in the insurance business” in the video, but that’s it. No mention at all that he is the head of the fiscal board, raising serious questions about whether Carrión’s political leanings are (and have been) influencing fiscal policy in Puerto Rico. Granted, the fiscal control board is politically appointed but over the last couple of years, the board has tried to not be so openly political in its public meetings and comments, especially someone like Carrión.

Our founder did reach out to the board for comment, but we doubt the board will do anything about it, because in the end, they don’t care and they will never care.

As for Carrión? If you are going to be so public about your political preference, at least be public about it as the head of the fiscal board? Don’t hide behind the personal opinion excuse here. You are a public figure responsible for the economic policy of Puerto Rico. That is a serious task that should be freed from politics. If you are so down with Trump, then at least admit that there are plenty of Puerto Ricans (probably a vast majority) who think that the current President has done very little for Puerto Rico. Maybe the board could take on that fight, or are your conflict of interests too much here?

Just be transparent, Mr. Carrión. And the board as well. But given the history of the board, transparency is not something they espouse.

Welcome to Macondo. Where bad optics don’t matter, and it’s just business as usual.