Gina Rodriguez Is Getting Called Out on Twitter for Saying N-Word on IG Story

Oct 15, 2019
3:46 PM

Gina Rodriguez’ relationship with the African-American and Afro-Latino community has been a contentious one, starting with being criticized for asking “Where are the Latinos?” when Black Panther was released—many found the timing insensitive as it was a moment where people were celebrating black representation. In January of this year, she broke down in tears during an interview when she was asked about the criticisms directed at her, and viewers found her remarks disingenuous.

Today, she posted a video on IG story that has raised eyebrows —to say the least— because she says the n-word while singing along to The Fugees’ “Ready or Not.”

And Twitter is not having it, here are some comments:

Fans of “Jane the Virgin” have also tweeted their disappointment:

Usage of the n-word among non-Black Latinos has been debated many times before. Here’s a video that explores the topic by interviewing African-Americans, Afro-Latinos and non-Black Latinos.

UPDATE: Rodriguez posted an apology, although it hasn’t been well-received.