Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner Gets Called Out for Supporting Trump During Visit at Camden, NJ School

Oct 21, 2019
8:37 PM

On Monday during a public visit to LEAP Academy University Charter School in Camden, NJ, Puerto Rican activist David Galarza Santa confronted Puerto Rico’s Resident Commissioner Jenniffer González, a non-voting member of Congress, about her support for Donald Trump over Galarza Santa believes has been at the expense of the island-colony.

The video was published by Puerto Rico’s El Nuevo Día and is getting attention on Puerto Rican social media right now. Here is the video, where Galarza Santa tells González that she should be ashamed for her support of Trump and how the President is ignoring Puerto Rico. González is a Republican.

This is not the first time Galarza Santa has been recorded on video. Earlier this year, he also spoke out at Congressional hearing about Puerto Rico.