Futuro Studios and Los Angeles Times to Premiere ‘The Battle of 187’ Podcast on Anti-Immigrant Proposition

Oct 22, 2019
4:30 PM

Next week, the Los Angeles Times and NPR’s Latino USA will drop “The Battle of 187,” a three-part podcast series produced as a partnership between Futuro Media Group’s new Futuro Studios imprint and the LA Times. (Latino Rebels is also part of Futuro Media Group.)

California Proposition 187 (also known as the Save Our State initiative) was a ballot initiative proposed 25 years ago. It sought to “drive away immigrants without documentation by denying them public healthcare, social services and education, among other punitive measures.”

“It’s a story that’s particularly relevant today,” said Marlon Bishop of Futuro Studios. “In a lot of ways, the culture war we’re seeing around immigration on a national level started in California with Prop 187. Understanding Prop 187 helps us understand Donald Trump.”

“The Battle of 187,” hosted by LA Times reporter Gustavo Arellano, traces the proposition from its birth in Orange County to its peak to being passed on election day and its ultimate failure to be implemented. It will also dive into the impact of the proposition today.

Here’s a preview: