President For-Evo? Morales Keeps His Hold on Power in Bolivia

Oct 28, 2019
9:24 AM
Originally published at Latin America News Dispatch

Evo Morales was the first indigenous president of Bolivia, and he spoke to a group of Bolivians that politicians usually ignored. During his time in office, his social programs have drastically reduced poverty and grown the middle class. But his presidency wasn’t supposed to last forever. On October 24, Bolivia declared him the winner of the presidential election. He’ll begin his fourth term, even though the constitution only allows two terms. LAND editor Colleen Connolly reports on Morales’ rise, the growing opposition against him in recent years and what his latest victory means for Bolivia.

Guests: Ricardo Calla, Ben Dangl and Linda Farthing. Reporter: Colleen Connolly. Hosts: Alanna Elder and Cameron Oakes. Producer: Alanna Elder. LAND editor: Colleen Connolly. Music: “Becoming” by Jade Wii (YouTube Free Music), “Take Me To the Depths” by Midnight North (YouTube Free Music), “Three Kinds of Suns” by Norma Rockwell (YouTube Free Music) and a mix by Dax on the Trax. Other sounds: “Bolivia Protests 2,” Associated Press, 2003; “Bolivia Morales Wrap,” Associated Press, 2005; “Evo Morales en la ONU. En el acto por Año Internacional de Lenguas Indígenas,” Noticias Bolivia, 2019; “Protestas en Bolivia por sospechas de fraude electoral,” Telemundo, 2019