Keeping Up With the Kirchners: Cristina Returns to Office

Nov 4, 2019
12:22 PM
Originally published at Latin America News Dispatch

In the Argentine presidential election last week, Alberto Fernández managed to outrun incumbent Mauricio Macri using the fact that he isn’t Cristina Kirchner, his running mate, as well as the fact that he’s close enough. This year’s election tugged at people’s memories of an easier time. It worried investors and critics of the Kirchners who are afraid the country is sliding backward. And on the flip side, it gave young, progressive activists a way to participate in a new political moment. LAND’s Eileen Rodríguez reports on the election results.

Guests: Demian Bio, Pedro Camacho, Nicolás Saldías and Colby Smith. Reporter: Colleen Connolly, Alanna Elder and Eileen Rodríguez. Hosts: Chase DiBenedetto and Dayana Perez. Producer: Alanna Elder. LAND editor: Colleen Connolly. Music and sounds: Nada #1 by La Tabú (Free Music Archive), Ocho Octubre by La Tabù (Free Music Archive), Sad Moments by Ketso (Free Music Archive), “Canguro” by Wos (with permission) and a mix by Dax on the Trax. Other sounds: “Discurso completo de Alberto Fernández presidente – Elecciones 2019 Argentina, resultados completos” La Nación, October 27, 2019; “Ganó Alberto Fernández: Discurso completo de Mauricio Macri asumiendo su derrota”, La Nación, October 27, 2019; “Cristina en la Plaza de Mayo”, Télam, October 23, 2011; “Protests in Argentina over plan to ask IMF for loans”, France 24, May 10, 2018; “Discurso de Eva Duarte en la primera transmisión de Televisión argentina”, La Casa Rosada, 1950; “Palabras de Juan Perón por el dia de trabajador”, June 18, 2009; “Dozer vs Roma – Cuartos, Final Nacional Argentina 2019”, Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos, October 20, 2019.