FAU Poll: 48% of Florida’s Latino Voters Disapprove of Trump

Nov 6, 2019
1:56 PM

President Donald Trump this past summer in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

A new political poll conducted by Florida Atlantic University’s College of Business concluded that 48% of the state’s Latino voters disapproved of President Trump’s job performance, a media release about the poll said on Wednesday.

“The poll of 600 registered voters shows Hispanics overall have an unfavorable opinion of Trump, with 48 percent disapproving of his job performance, while 31 percent approve, and 22 percent are undecided,” the released noted. “Trump’s approval is underwater with Puerto Ricans at 64 percent disapproval and 19 percent approval. However, those from Mexico are split, with 43 percent disapproval and 38 percent approval. Cubans provided a bright spot for Trump, with 47 percent approval and 28 percent disapproval.”

The released added that Florida governor Ron DeSantis “fared well with Hispanics, who gave him 36 percent approval for the job he is doing, with 23 percent disapproval and 34 percent undecided.”

Among the Florida Latinos who listed themselves as Republicans (152 of respondents with a +/- 7.9% margin of error), Trump would take 77% of the Latino Republican vote if the other GOP choices were Joe Walsh (12%), Bill Weld (5%) and Mark Sanford (5%).

The poll also asked Latino Democrats (268 respondents with a +/- 6% margin of error) about their primary choices. Bernie Sanders got 27% of support, followed by Joe Biden (21%) and Elizabeth Warren (20%). Julián Castro finished fourth at 5%.

Finally, the poll also asked about potential general election match-ups. In those scenarios, Florida Latinos preferred Biden over Trump, 65.7%–34.3%. Warren was leading 64.9%-%35.1 over Trump percent, while Sanders was ahead 62.1%–37.9%.

The poll was conducted between October 30–November 2 via a mix mode sample with an online panel and a landline sample. The overall survey has a margin of error of +/-3.9%.