National Telemundo Poll Says 25% of US Latinos Would Vote for Trump in 2020

Nov 7, 2019
6:08 PM

President Donald Trump at the White House, Thursday, June 13, 2019. AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

A poll released this week by Telemundo said that 25% of U.S. Latino voters would choose Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election.

According to the poll, which surveyed 1,000 registered Latino voters nationwide by telephone and has a +/- 3.2% margin of error for the full results, 64% of U.S. Latino voters would vote to replace Trump, with 11% saying they are not sure.

The poll also said that 30% of Latino men would choose Trump, with 61% saying they would vote to replace them (9% are not sure). Only 20% of Latina women would vote for Trump, with 66% voting against him and 14% listed as not cure.

For Latinos under 50 years old, 22% favor Trump, with 69% not supporting him and 9% not sure. For Latinos over 50 years old, 28% would vote for Trump, with 58% not voting for him and 14% not sure.

Other notable results include:

  • When it comes to language, 20% of Spanish-dominant Latino voters would vote for Trump, when compared to 32% of English-dominant Latinos and 24% of bilingual voters.
  • The Midwest (32%) saw the most support for Trump, while the Pacific region saw the least (19%).
  • As for Democratic candidates in the primary, 26% of Democratic Latino voters chose Joe Biden, 18% chose Bernie Sanders and 10% went for Elizabeth Warren.
  • When asked about who had the best chance of beating Trump, 28% of all Latino voters picked Biden. Sanders was second at 12%.
  • When asked if they would vote for a candidate who described themselves as “socialist,” 21% of all Latinos said they would, with 62% saying they wouldn’t (17% are not sure).
  • Trump’s approval rating with all Latino voters was at 31%, and 57% of Latinos support impeaching and removing Trump from office. In addition, 25% of Latinos said they approved of Trump’s handling of immigration policy, and 70% of Latinos think Trump’s rhetoric has encouraged anti-immigrant sentiment, racism or discrimination in the U.S.

The full poll is below:

For those wondering, 2016 national exit polls had Trump winning 29% of U.S. Latino vote, although others argued it was only 18%.