CBS News’ David Begnaud Interviewed Puerto Rico’s Wanda Vázquez: Here Is the Full Interview

Jan 25, 2020
1:14 PM

On Saturday, CBS News’ David Begnaud had a chance to interview Puerto Rico governor Wanda Vázquez at La Fortaleza in San Juan. All the questions came from Begnaud’s call for questions from social media. The pro-statehood Republican governor took the questions in English, answered them in Spanish and a translator was there to translate her answers. You decide for yourselves about her answers, but there is nothing really here that would refute what was reported why people are still mistrusting her words. The governor offered a clarification about federal housing funds, calling it a priority for her. Also, she said she has no plans in resigning and claims that people in the southern region impacted by the earthquakes are happy with the relief response.

Begaund posted the full interview on his Twitter profile:

He is also posted it on his Facebook page.

Given the limited time Begnaud had, the questions he brought were important ones to ask and yes, there are so many follow-ups, but at the same time, this was a critical interview.