National Immigrant Youth Group UNITED WE DREAM ACTION Endorses Warren and Sanders for President

Feb 28, 2020
12:27 PM

On Friday, United We Dream Action (UWDA) —one of the largest immigrant youth organizations in the country— announced that it has endorsed both Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders for President. The announcement of the co-endorsement was made via video, social media and the UWDA website.

According to UWDA, these “two candidates rise far above the rest to bring real change for immigrants and people of color.”

“Both Senator Warren and Senator Sanders support key provisions of the Free to Move, Free to Stay platform for justice,” UWDA said. “We stand ready to push President Warren or a President Sanders to deliver on their commitments and our platform.”

The UWDA platform is here.

“This is the start of a new power relationship centered on our platform and on our people,” UWDA said. “This election is the time for ALL people who believe in this platform for justice to make their voices heard. If you can —GO VOTE. And if you cannot vote because of immigration status or our racist criminal system—get out there and ensure that voters in our communities get out there and vote for us!”

On Friday morning, Warren’s Twitter profile quickly thanked UWDA about the co-endorsement.

UWDA also shared information about its endorsement process and why its members felt it was important to go through that process. The latest endorsements comes about two weeks after Mijente, another Latinx youth organization, announced its endorsement of Sanders, as well as Jolt Texas Action, a progressive Texas youth organization that also endorsed the Vermont senator. The UWDA news is just yet another example of how youth organizations are continuing to push for the Democratic Party’s more progressive wing.