Pre-Super Tuesday California Latino Voter Poll Shows Sanders With 27-Point Lead

Mar 2, 2020
4:16 PM

Bernie Sanders and Jane Sanders greet supporters on March 1, 2020 during a campaign rally in Los Angeles. (Photo by Francisco Lozano/Latino Rebels)

A California Latino voter poll released one day before Super Tuesday by Univision News and the Latino Community Foundation (LCF) said that Bernie Sanders has a 27-point lead over Joe Biden and a 28-point lead over Mike Bloomberg.

The poll also noted that Sanders leads all California Latino subcategories, including age groups.

Latino Decisions, which conducted the poll for LCF and Univision, shared the following tweets about the poll:

The Latino California Voter Poll “interviewed a robust sample of all Latino registered voters in the state of California,” a Univision release said. “This new poll reveals Latino voters’ most current political preferences, voting intention, concerns, opinions on recent developments, views on President Trump and much more, in addition to providing a snapshot of California, the state with the most delegates.” The poll was conducted from February 21–28, starting one day before the February 22 Nevada Caucus (which Sanders won with strong Latino support) and ending one day before the February 29 South Carolina Primary (which Biden easily won with strong African-American support). In addition, Pete Buttigieg, Tom Steyer, and Amy Klobuchar were part of this poll, but are no longer part of the race.

The Univision release also shared the following findings of the poll:

  • Sanders has 42% of voting intention among Latino registered Democratic voters in California. Biden has 15% and Bloomberg 14% of voting intention.
  • For Latino registered Democrat voters in California, the term “socialist democrat,” is not a problem, they even see it positively.
  • For the first time, the issue of housing appears as one of the most important topics in one of the polls.

The entire cross-tabs are here:

According to the poll’s methodology, “808 Latino registered voters were interviewed from combination of landline, cell phone, and online completion modes across California. All voters were randomly selected and given the opportunity to complete the interview in English or Spanish, at their discretion. Randomized stratified sampling was employed to ensure the appropriate balance of Latinos across state, gender, age, education, and nativity. Post-stratification weights were applied to bring the sample into alignment with the Census CPS estimates of Latinos in California. Overall 31% of interviews were in Spanish and 69% in English. The final California survey contains an overall design error of +/- 3.5%.”

On Friday, Univision News released a poll that showed Sanders leading with Texas Latino voters. Both Texas and California are part of the 14 Super Tuesday states and one territory (American Samoa) holding primary elections on March 3. California has the most delegates at stake, with Texas as the second most delegate-rich state.