#DignidadLiteraria and PRESENTE Respond to 30-Day Follow-Up Meeting With Macmillan USA

Mar 12, 2020
3:57 PM

The following media release was shared this week by #DignidadLiteraria organizers Myriam Gurba, Roberto Lovato, David Bowles, and Matt Nelson, with support from Presente.org. It is a continuation of the issues resulting with the publication of AMERICAN DIRT.

OAKLAND — We’re cautiously optimistic after #DignidadLiteraria had a 30-day follow up meeting with the leadership of Macmillan USA and Flatiron Books. While in line with what the Latinx community has demanded and a solid step in the right direction, Macmillan USA’s 30-day progress report is vague in many areas.

During the meeting, we expressed our interest in seeing specific strategies spelled out by the end of the 90-day period Macmillan USA committed to at our February 3rd meeting. This information will better allow us to gauge the likely efficacy of the goals outlined in Macmillan USA’s 30-day progress report. In response, Macmillan USA confirmed that they will indeed unveil parts of their action plan by or before the 90-day deadline.

#DignidadLiteraria will continue to consult with Macmillan USA throughout the next two months, keeping the Latinx community and its allies informed of any significant developments or setbacks. At the end of the agreed-to 90-day period, #DignidadLiteraria plans to visit NYC to share our response to Macmillan USA’s action plan and commitments. We will also be calling on our allies throughout the country to join us in monitoring and organizing around the final deliberations. During our visit we intend to meet with Macmillan’s leadership to formally bring closure to this phase of our discussions.


Presente.org is the nation’s largest online Latinx organizing group; advancing social justice with technology, media, and culture. #DignidadLiteraria is a network of committed Latinx authors formed to combat the invisibility of Latinx authors, editors and executives in the U.S. publishing industry and the dearth of Latinx literature on the shelves of America’s bookstores and libraries. #DignidadLiteraria believes in the social and political power of wholly authentic Latinx voices and that it is the duty of the publishing industry and literati to use their full power and privilege to elevate these voices.