A ‘Corrido del Coronavirus’ From Phoenix’s Alan and Roberto

Mar 21, 2020
12:34 PM

On Friday, we got a pitch from the team promoting the music of Alan and Roberto, two Phoenix residents by way of Sinaloa, Mexico. The duo just recorded a “Corrido del Coronavirus” song that according to them “is a call for calm, community, faith and brotherhood.”

The song take a more optimistic approach to the global pandemic.

“We should be spending more time together anyway, as life is too short to be apart from loved ones,” a release about the new corrido says.

“Alan and Roberto also poetically provide simple instructions on how to best stop the spread of the virus by washing hands, using disinfectant often, and protecting our elders by checking on them, and shopping for them if needed,” the release adds.

“Alan and Roberto remind us that we have all faced adversity before and arose victorious. We shall do so again,” it concludes.

Sounds good to us.