Immigrant Detention During COVID-19

Mar 31, 2020
6:02 PM
Originally published at Audioboom

In the last week, immigrant detainees and immigration attorneys have been speaking out about detention conditions during the COVID-19 crisis. Most of these detention centers are run by private prison companies that get contracted by ICE. Besides reports of hunger strikes with male detainees in both Louisiana and Georgia, The Intercept reported about women detainees in the South Louisiana Processing Center protesting conditions. For this Latino Rebels Radio episode, host Julio Ricardo Varela welcomes immigration attorney Mariel Villarreal via phone to discuss what she is seeing in Bay Area detention centers and also what her client told Villarreal last week about an incident at the LaSalle Detention Facility in Jena, LA, which was which was first reported on March 26 by Mother Jones.

Featured image: Screen grab from a video of immigrant women detainees at the LaSalle Detention Facility in Jena, LA.

Here are a March 25 video from LaSalle:

Here is one from March 24: